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1st Class Real-T-Treatment is proud sponsors of several events throughout the year.  We also sponsor individuals, groups and charitable organizations.  A part of being a 1st Class company is giving back to the community and those in need.  We are open to new sponsorship opportunities.  Call us to learn more.


1st Class Real Estate Experience Seller StoryThe Lewis Family sold their home with our company.  Their home was not in best of shape it was basically white walls and concrete, riddled with graffiti, had damage throughout and was basically in the process of being restored.  They no longer were interested in restoring the property and reached out to our company to help them sell their home quickly and for top dollar.  We first prepared the property by removing the graffiti, completing the demolition that had been started, having the yard and landscaping improved, installed ladders, tools, etc. to make the property appear as if the rehabilitation were underway.  The home was marketed as a fixer upper and handyman special.  Within 2 weeks the Lewis family were under contract and sold their property which netted a $90,000.00 dollar profit.


Congratulations to the Lewis Family and thank for allowing us to serve you!  Our company is structured around providing state of the art real estate services, excellence and professionalism.  From beginning to end and after you will receive the finest in real estate treatment.  Whether it’s a limousine closing, fine dining or evening out with loved ones you are first class to us.  Let your 1st Class Real-T-Treatment begin!


Keeping abreast of Florida's real estate market is paramount to investment success.   By educating and informing our clients we are able to help them attain their real estate goals.  We provide reports, market data, valuations, articles and the latest up to date information to aide our clients in making the most informed real estate decisions.  You are first class to us, let your first class realty treatment begin.

1st Class Treasure Coast of Florida Buyer StoryWe have many buyers that are moving in from New York City and the East Coast that are looking to retire in Florida.  From sunny beaches to wonderful tropical weather Florida is one of the top destinations to retire.  This particular couple was referred to us from a past client.  Their goal was to purchase the retirement home of their dreams.  They wanted their home to be within 10 minutes of the beach, 4 bedrooms (enough for their children and grand kids to visit), a spacious layout, private pool, gourmet kitchen with a gas cook top stove, priced at $450,000 or less, within a gated community and within 2 hours of the husband’s corporate headquarters.  Initially our client wanted to purchase close to Miami, FL.  After researching and reviewing the entire coast from Melbourne Beach, FL to Miami Beach, FL we advised our buyer to purchase a brand new home north of Miami.  This would be the best way for them to maximize their purchasing dollar and get exactly the type of home they were looking for.  Also it helped them avoid paying a higher dollar amount for an existing home that was closer to Miami but that didn’t match their criteria. 

We are proud to announce that after working with this client for over a year and a half they will be closing on their home in May of 2015.  Not only did they get exactly the home they were looking for, they also paid $132,000 less than what they expected, purchased a brand new home along the beautiful Treasure Coast of Florida in Vero Beach and because it is a brand new home were able to choose their own finishes.  Congratulations to the Guerrero Family!  You are 1st Class to us and we appreciate your business.  If you are looking to retire in Florida or purchase a home in the state please consider our company to assist you in your purchase.  You deserve a first class real estate experience, let your 1st Class Real-T-Treatment begin.

1st Class Insurance Claim StoryWe manage several properties at 1st Class Real-T-Treatment.  The following is a true story based on one of the latest insurance claims we’ve dealt with at our company.  The Cruz family had a water leak in the guest bathroom of their rental home.  The tenant called us to report that the master bedroom carpet was soaked and that they realized this when they went to use the bathroom that morning.  The tenant said, “I didn’t realize it until stepping on the carpet and my socks were full of water.”  Due to the amount and extent of the damage at the home we negotiated a reduced lease with the tenant and they agreed to complete their lease.
The insurance company was contacted and they sent an adjuster to review the home.  Weeks later the insurance company sent a settlement amount to our client in the amount of $9,005.49.  After subtracting our client’s deductible, they sent a check in the amount of $7005.49.  Initially we were not surprised at this small amount that was sent by the insurer because this is how insurance companies operate.  They attempt to handle a claim quickly in order to minimize the true cost of the claim.

 We advised our owner not to accept this small amount and to get their own estimate from one of the contractors we work with to determine the true amount necessary to repair their home.  We also advised our client to be prepared for a lengthy insurance claim process.  After a five month period of time, several inspections, negotiating with the insurer, involving engineers, appraisers, etc. we were able to negotiate a settlement amount of $46,330.71.  This amount included fair market value of rent (which was a part of our clients insurance policy) and the amount necessary to repair their home.  Congratulation's to the Cruz family for their settlement award, renovated home and new tenant!  At 1st Class Real-T-Treatment we value our clients properties and look forward to helping them attain what they are rightfully owed.  Feel free to contact us for all of your real estate needs at 407-287-5566.  Let your 1st Class real estate experience begin!